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Yakitoriya bag and packaging design


The first Yakitoriya restaurant opened in Moscow back when people had no idea about the difference between sushi and rolls, and knew nothing about waribashi and gong fai. Over more than twenty years, Japanese cuisine has firmly entered our lives, largely thanks to Yakitoriya. For the chain’s next birthday, a new design for bags and packaging for sushi sets was created in the studio, showing the unbreakable connection of the restaurant with the country’s capital city.

yakitoriya package circle

In Moscow, architectural styles of different eras intertwine, as if layering on top of each other in rings. As a result, one can easily see a Baroque church, an Art Nouveau mansion, a Stalinist high-rise and a paneled apartment building all in one distrcit. This ringed structure is very reminiscent of the arrangement of rolls in a Yakitoriya set. We decided to play on this similarity, making the ring a key element of the pattern.

The dense pattern is interesting to explore, making it fun to look for your favorite Moscow landmarks.

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Made in 31 days
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