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    Advertising campaign for the Year of Culture in Moscow

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to come up with a series of motivating posters about culture.

    A campaign to remind about the meaning of culture in our lives was created as part of the Russian Year of Culture in Moscow. By the request of the Moscow Department of Culture a concept of social advertising with mock-ups for different media was developed at the studio.

    year of culture ad 01
    On sculpture

    The posters are designed to promote self-improvement by becoming familiar with world masterpieces.

    Release date: June 19 2014


    art director and designer
    technical designers
    project manager
    The studio wishes to thank Sergei Kapkov, head of the Moscow Department of Culture, as well as Kamilya Baidildina, Yulia Semenova and Alla Semenysheva for their comprehensive support and direct participation in the project
    year of culture ad 06
    On Abstractionism

    year of culture ad 02
    On architecture

    year of culture ad 05
    On Suprematism
    year of culture ad 07
    On Expressionism

    year of culture ad 08
    On the Renaissance

    year of culture ad 03
    On antique art

    year of culture ad 04
    On Cubism

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