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Logo and corporate identity for the Year of Culture in Russia

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Task: to develop a corporate identity of national importance.

The President’s decree declared 2014 the Year of Culture in Russia. The aims of the project include drawing public attention to preservation of cultural heritage, development of national culture and strengthening its role in the world. The large-scale project sets out plans for restoration of cultural monuments, renovation of art institutions, providing support to artists, holding educational events, holidays, festivals, promotions and so on. A logo and a corporate identity for the project were developed at the studio.

year of culture logo
Logo with cultural references and stately features

The strict logo is designed in the spirit of constructivism and uses colors of the Russian flag. The stripes which make up the logo also work as an additional style element.

Release date: March 24 2014


artistic director
art director and designer
chief typesetter
type designer
project manager
The studio wishes to thank Kamilya Baidildina, Yulia Semenova and Alla Semenysheva for their help and direct involvment in the project.
year of culture invitation
An invitation

year of culture badge
A badge

Rules on using the logo and adapting it for various Russian cities are given in the detailed style guide.

year of culture bb
Opening on the monochrome version of the logo and on creating localized versions for different Russian cities
year of culture museum
Culture codes

year of culture man

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