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Advertising campaign for the Year of Culture in Moscow. Part 2

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Task: to continue a series of motivating social posters about culture.

The second part of the advertising campaign dedicated to the Year of Culture in Moscow includes six new posters.

year of culture ad2 shuhov
On architecture and beauty

Release date: December 10 2014


art director and designer
project manager
The studio wishes to thank Sergei Kapkov, head of the Moscow Department of Culture, as well as Kamilya Baidildina, Yulia Semenova and Alla Semenysheva for their comprehensive support and direct participation in the project
year of culture ad2 boccaccio
On literature and manners

year of culture ad2 tutchev
On poetry and weather

year of culture ad2 bach
On music and culinary art

year of culture ad2 chaykovsky
On ballet and mutual support

year of culture ad2 gogh
On Post-Impressionism and self expression

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