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    The making of the logo and corporate identity for the Year of Culture in Russia

    Overview   Process  

    We want to make something simple, modern, cool and communicative. Simply letter K, a flag, a window, openness, happiness, light—all that.

    year of culture process 01

    The art director says we have too much of letters K and flags already. We need something else.

    Thinking further we get the idea that culture is light. Sun beams, happiness, Monday—library, Thursday—theater, Saturday—museum, Sunday—walks around the city.

    Coming up with a logo.

    year of culture process 02

    The art director offers his own vision.

    year of culture process 03

    Developing it into a style.

    year of culture process 04

    Assembling presentations.

    year of culture process 05

    Client: Neither of the concepts were approved by our management. One is too daring and aggressive, the other one is too soft and vague. Meaning, both of them are at the extremes. Maybe you could try finding the golden mean? Work with the idea of “reconsidering the role of culture in everyday life?” That is, how culture is transformed, how more and more we can use culture to transform something, etc.

    We get the idea of a typographic solution.

    year of culture process 06

    Or here is a sign: letter K made of beams. Let’s lay it aside for a while.

    Another option with a tree crown.

    year of culture process 07

    And another more abstract alternative—a flower made of different kinds of culture and art.

    year of culture process 08

    Assembling a presentation.

    year of culture process 09

    The client changes the direction of thought. This time, national identity becomes the priority. The humanitarian approach fades into the background.

    Client: First of all, the logo has to be stately, it has to promote the Year of Culture both in Russia and abroad. And all your ideas will better suit some festival. We need to see the colors of the Russian flag, we need it to be evident that the state cares about the culture of its citizens.

    Well, no means no. Back to the drawing board.

    Suddenly, it all clicks together. It comes out really cool, to say the least. It’s all here: the year 2014, the letter K, the ribbons, the sign, the red-white-blue. And we even like it ourselves.

    year of culture process 10
    year of culture process 11

    Polishing the flower and the letter.

    Happily assembling it all together and presenting to the client.

    year of culture process 12

    Client: The logo has to be very universal, simple, modern and popular, understandable both by a grandma and a student. What you have is too hip.

    Trying again, this time taking the flag colors and using the constructivist approach.

    year of culture process 13

    Client: Not enough statehood. We don’t like it.

    We don’t give up that easily—bringing in the best designers.

    year of culture process 14

    The client picks the one with the bars.

    Trying out the style elements and typesetting the style guide.

    Culture makes life exciting!

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