Zaryadye park corporate identity

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to create an identity for a modern city park.

Zaryadye is a grand park located in the heart of Moscow near the Kremlin walls. The vast area from Varvarka to the Moskva river contains multi-level green areas illustrating Russia’s natural wealth, a temple complex, an archaeological museum, a concert hall with an amphitheater, scientific laboratories, a modern media center and a bridge hovering over the river providing a beautiful view of the city. The natural and cultural diversity of the park and Russia as a whole is reflected in Zaryadye’s logo chosen by popular vote. The park logo was improved at the studio and used to create an impressive corporate identity.

zaryadye main logo eng

The park organically combines historical monuments and the latest technologies. The text portion of the logo representing a modern take on the traditional Russian writing symbolizes a connection between the past and the future.

zaryadye mono logo 2
The volume and complexity of the main logo are preserved in the monochrome version

The bright graphic elements of the logo were used as inspiration for a series of characters for souvenirs and advertising.

zaryadye maskots

The logo’s faceted elements were also used to create corporate patterns. The primary color scheme is a sunny and warm combination of orange and yellow.

zaryadye pattern

The blue and navy color scheme is used for special events. Everyday needs including uniforms, passes and cleaning machines are served by the calm green-colored pattern.

zaryadye colors

The park has five primary objects. Individual versions of the logo and the pattern were created for each of them.

zaryadye morris column

The park’s guests can purchase a variety of souvenirs from bright t-shirts and pins with the park’s mascots to shawls and ties of respectable colors.

zaryadye couple 2
zaryadye watch
Watch in a gift box
zaryadye cups
Tea set

Rules for the use of the various versions of the logo, colors, typefaces, patterns, characters as well as guidelines for the design of advertising and informational materials, business documents and other branded media are assembled in the style guide.


zaryadye final 2
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