Zaryadye concert hall logo

Task: to create a logo.

A modern concert hall of unique scale and beauty worthy of the world’s best musicians was constructed in Zaryadye park. A notable logo for the notable hall was created at the studio.

The symbol that looks both like a hashtag and a dièse repeats the characteristic pattern of the concert hall’s roof. Its similarity with a hashtag allows to use the logo to designate multiple activities.

The official name Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadye has been truncated to the short and sharp Zaryadye Hall. The text portion of the logo connects the hall with the park where it is located.

zaryadye hall wall

The hall’s identity fits souvenirs so well it makes you want to wear branded t-shirts, cases and bags every day.

zaryadye hall phone
zaryadye hall bag
zaryadye hall shirt

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art director


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project manager

Made in 15 days
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