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The making of Saint Petersburg advertising in Russian cities

Overview• Process

Deciding to continue the idea we started in airport ads with Russian words written in English letters. Taking long pretentious adjectives and using them as hashtags to describe feelings that can’t be expressed with regular English words.

When #amazing is not enough — #potryasayushche is ok.

If #fascinating sounds like a cliché use #umopomrachitelno.

Looks OK. Finding words and phrases, making sure the translation is correct.

Some time passes.

Receiving new information. This time we need to take preapproved English-language slogans and localize them. We can’t even vent and curse the copywriter as the original work was our doing. Translating verbatim would make no sense as it would ruin the carefully planned wordplay comparing English hashtags to long Russian words. Talking to the senior editor and coming to a conclusion that the Russian version requires a different juxtaposition. Trying to match elevated adjectives and slang. #Cool vs #spectacular. Hmm, seems to work. Finding suitable words.

Sending the idea to the designer for elaboration

Starting to choose photographs that would astound, overwhelm and astonish.

Art director: All looks OK.

Showing to the client. The client chooses some of the designs.

Creating final layouts for printing.