Active Citizen annual report

Task: to prepare an annual report that is interesting to read.

Active Citizen is a voting system which helps Moscow residents solve large and small issues in the city. For example, a survey appears on the website: “Should we make Sinichkina Street a one way street?”, citizens vote and the future of the street is quickly determined.

Every year, Active Citizen produces a report on its accomplishments: how many decisions were made, how many polls were held and what was changed in the city. An annual report that is truly interesting to read was prepared for the project at the studio.

Reports are the most dreary bureaucratic genre on Earth: “As of December 31, 2017 the following has been successfully completed...”

Abandoning the horrendous municipal language and instead turning to dramaturgy: the report tells the story of an active citizen who has voted on projects throughout the year and is now watching the city change.

The year is broken down into seasons and the report clearly shows what has changed in Moscow in autumn, winter, spring and summer. The report is full of facts, statistics and dynamic inserts. The navigation block with main topics helps read the story.

The final part of the report talks about the project as a whole. Readers can learn what decisions were made, read the stories of the most active participants and see photos.

A detailed PDF of the report is available for downloading.

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