Active Citizen corporate identity

Task: to refresh an identity.

Active Citizen is a system of electronic voting used by residents of Moscow to solve the city’s current issues, for example to determine the look of a new Metro station, to decide on improvements in a hospital or choose new clubs in a school.

The service’s identity was updated at the studio, while the original concept and recognizable elements were kept intact.

ag main logo

The task was to improve the service’s appearance without introducing many changes (the users have become used to the old style). All elements of the style were carefully and lovingly updated.

ag board

The logo’s active diagonals are maintained in the identity and are used in the design of billboards, booklets and posters.

ag phone

Users of the system receive notifications about upcoming polls and recent news. All notifications were updated with a conspicuous and comfortable design.

Each letter includes the Supercitizen symbol, reminding that the appearance of Moscow hospitals won’t choose itself and the yard near your house will have another parking lot, not a nice lawn, if you don’t vote in time.

ag stationary

To involve and inspire users and create the exciting atmosphere of a game, Active Citizen awards souvenirs to its most active members.

The souvenirs are decorated with the logo, the Supercitizen symbol and signature patterns. Wearing them is honorable and delightful.

The website offers to choose the color of each souvenir and allows to find out which one turned out to be the most popular.

The style of the souvenirs will be based on the choice of the majority!

ag pin

Rules for the use of the signature elements, colors and typefaces are presented in the style guide.

guide 02
guide 03
guide 04
guide 05
guide 06
guide 07
guide 08
guide 09
guide 10
guide 11
guide 12
guide 13
guide 14
guide 15

By the way, Active Citizen turns 4 on May 26, 2018 and there will be a great celebration in Gorky Park.

There will be well-known musicians, sports competitions, contests and other interesting events. And of course you’ll be able to see our beautiful new identity literally on every corner.

Also see the annual report.

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