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    The making of the Poster for the World Car-Free Day

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    Any days whose celebration is based on a pretentious call to renounce using something on one random day are defective members of the large holiday family. Just as easily, they could have celebrated a Pyramid-Free Day in Ancient Egypt or a No Daggers, Poison and Choking Day in Medieval Italy. A day without a car is the same kind of crap, especially compared with a positive and understandable Bike to Work Day widely celebrated in the US and Canada every spring.

    But we can use it as a reason to move our ass and walk around the city on foot.

    car free day 2014 process cars

    Art director: Let’s write number 11 on the bus. Otherwise OK.

    Designer: I don’t get it.

    Art director: It’s a Moscow joke from when my grandfather was young:
    —How do you get to school?
    —I take Route 11.
    Meaning, on foot.

    Designer: Here’s an age test.

    car free day 2014 process tape

    Art director: Nice, but not about this poster.

    Designer: Only oldfags will appreciate this.

    car free day 2014 process optimus

    All right, so where should we put it? Right on the bus?

    Art director: Sure, as an Easter egg for those who know.

    Drawing, approving, typesetting and printing.

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