Task: to organize a design conference.

Simposiumus-2019 is the first ever closed conference for clients of the studio. On Cosmonautics Day, we invited representatives of the largest and most influential companies to the Museum of Russian Impressionism to talk about the future of design and to discuss the prospects for design solutions in business development.

Simposiumus’ identity is all about the design of the future: different directions, different approaches, different automation. Each element of the identity broadcasts innovation.

simpoziumus 2019 zenit
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Simposiumus-2019 was attended by more than 150 people, heads and managers of industry leading companies including banks, industrial and telecom companies, government, cultural and sports organizations, retail chains and so on.

Design has changed a lot over the past 24 years, and the studio’s portfolio is a perfect evidence of that.

When talking about the future of design, it is important to hear opinions of all participants of the process. Which is why at Simposiumus both art directors of the studio and representatives of the business shared their ideas.

The art directors talked about typesetting two hundred wayfinding signs in an hour and one hundred and fifty badges for Simposiumus in two minutes, how classical ideas about composition were reinterpreted in 2019 and what design of the future looks like.

Ilya Menzeleev, Flacon design factory

Egor Kretsan, FC Zenit

Managers of large companies shared their experience in applying design to solving problems.

Simposiumus ended with a talk by the studio’s artistic director. Summing up, Artemy Lebedev spoke about how new ideas are grown at the studio, how we break through mediocrity and gather talented people who can create new things with no guidelines. How neurons buzz and design is born out of resentment.

simpoziumus 2019 aron

The conference was held at the Museum of Russian Impressionism. Paintings, pleasant music and wine made Simposiumus a pure joy.

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  • The studio wishes to thank the Museum of Russian Impressionism, especially Dmitry Barsenkov and Elena Antonova for their help in organizing Simposiumus
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