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Rock band Aquarium was formed in 1972 by Boris Grebenshikov and Anatoly Gunitsky. Over forty-eight years of its existence, the band has recorded thirty-two albums and had its songs featured in many collections and anthologies. Today, Aquarium is considered one of the founders of the Russian rock scene, become a source of quotes and inspiration.

Aquarium’s website combines music, effects and technology. Boris Grebenshikov himself became the spiritual mentor of the project.

The main page is a world where the visitor becomes a traveler. Everything here is permeated with symbols, even though only the greatest aficionados can see all of them without clues. Pictures hint at the most popular images and events in history of the group. For example, the steps that the user goes down are at the entrance of the house on Liteyny Avenue that is featured on the cover of the Blue Album.

Music sounds continuously on the website, varying with the location of the user. The non-banal soundtrack contains both hits and rare recordings. In between the songs are philosophical phrases from spiritual books recorded by Grebenshikov specially for the project.

The appearance of the website is adjusted on the fly thanks to Krono, a graphics engine developed at the studio. The first few scenes were created manually but the rest are generated automatically, ensuring endless variations. To see a new version users need to scroll the website to the end.

All pages without exception are replete with absolute bidonyakhtkva.

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