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Ilya Glazunov is a painter who dedicated his life to Russian history and culture. The memorial gallery on Volkhonka became a monument to the artist and brought together his legacy that was accumulated over the years. The collection of the gallery includes many paintings inspired by events in Russian and world history, literary works and Russian culture in general. The gallery also features photographs from the artist’s eventful life.

Ilya Glazunov was an artist, teacher and architect. The exteriors and interiors of the gallery, as well as the entire space of the Museum of Russian Estates that constitutes a part of the gallery, are decorated according to the artist’s sketches. A flexible and stylish logo based on the author’s signature that can be seen on his monumental works was designed in the studio.

glazunov gallery signature
glazunov gallery woman

Especially for the gallery we created a typeface that combines the proportions of geometric grotesque and italic elements referencing the shapes of the logo. The unusual letterforms make the logo recognizable even without the graphic part and looks great in jobbing composition.

glazunov gallery facade

The logo of the gallery is flexible: it can adjust to any activities that were of interest to the artist. As a result, the logo looks great on a variety of media.

glazunov gallery pattern
glazunov gallery sign
glazunov gallery final

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Made in 88 days
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