Yesenin Museum identity

Task: to create a single visual style for three branches of a museum.

The Yesenin Museum of Moscow comprises the museum itself and two cultural centers. It preserves and studies the poet’s legacy and regularly holds a variety of exhibitions, performances and plays. To ensure that all branches work under one recognizable brand, a heartfelt identity was designed in the studio.

esenin Logo_white

The simple-looking sign made of three dashes encapsulates many images: stripes on birch trees, a dovetail-joined corner of a village house, three lines of verse, and even brickwork referring to the theme of the city in Yesenin’s poetry.

esenin Circles
esenin Flyer

The colors symbolize different aspects of the poet’s work and help visually distinguish the museum and the cultural centers: gold is associated with the fall, red is the motif of the city, the revolution and the Imaginist avant-garde, and blue is the color of the high sky and the eyes of Yesenin himself.

esenin Colors
esenin Tickets

The pattern looks modern yet is restrained enough not to upset the important balance between the past and present which is essential in museum life.

esenin Mockups

Uniformly styled wayfinding for branches can be used equally easily on pillars and signs.

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Made in 71 days
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