Ares ERP platform logo

Task: to design a logo.

For you, our dear hamsters,
we’ll tell a fable. The crow and the glasses.
Once upon a time there lived a crow in the forest.
One day she made three truckloads of cheese
and decided to sell it.
But what the fuck:
there are no customers!
She looked all over the Internet,
put three ads on Facebook
and was almost about to throw in the towel,
but crows have no towels.

ares erp

Then suddenly,
she noticed a beautiful and stylish logo!
She saw, there are a lot of sites behind it,
each offering their products!
The crow bought eight pairs of eyeglasses,
a ticket, raincoat, pull-up bar and fish oil.
She sees: she has no money, but only stale cheese.
The moral of the story: don’t be a crow.
Create your own store, because
the Ares platform offers one to everybody,
complete with logistics and a CRM system.

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Made in 57 days
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