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Den's Hot Dogs packaging 3.0

Task: to update packaging and naming.

Den’s Hot dogs are delicious ready-made hot dogs. This year the company started selling hot dogs in more affordable packaging (and the dogs themselves became cheaper, too).

Another example of beautiful packaging developed at the studio attracts the attention of customers on store shelves.

dhd package3 packs

The packaging immediately showcases what’s inside: the whole surface of the box is covered by a delicious and extremely tempting hot dog.

The design is similar to the classic version of Den’s Hot Dogs packaging to make sure no one ever fails to buy the snack because they didn’t recognize it.

dhd package3 two

Two new flavors and two new characters were added: a gangster and a fireman. The characters are as daring and cute as before.

Instructions include just three simple steps. Powerful typography highlights the important.

dhd package3 side
dhd package3 final
Made in 14 days
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