Tea capsules for Nespresso coffee machines

Task: to produce tea capsules for Nespresso coffee machines.

Everyone knows that you can put coffee capsules in Nespresso coffee machines. Much to everyone’s surprise, Caféterius produced capsules with tea of four different flavors!

They can be brewed in a single push of a button making tea that is a hundred times tastier than the result of steeping a tea bag. This is because tea leaves are prepared under high pressure and immediately open up to give all their taste and flavor to the tea. Just a couple of seconds and a wonderful cup of tea is ready!


Classic Indian black tea, astringent with moderate acidity and floral and spicy undertones.

als tea capsules assam

Jasmine tea

Chinese green tea with moderate astringency. Strong floral notes dominated by jasmine in the aftertaste.

als tea capsules jasmine

Berry tea

Ingredients include hibiscus flowers, red apple slices and essential oils of strawberry and blackcurrant. Contains lots of vitamins and is wonderfully refreshing. The taste has a lot of red forest berries, notes of plum and apple.

als tea capsules berry

Russian blend

Contains field chamomile, rose hip, mint leaves, orange peel and lemongrass. Calms down and soothes the soul.

als tea capsules russian

als tea capsules hand

als tea capsules final

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