Chetyre Pingvina store name and logo


Inside the Chetyre Pingvina store
there are dishes, pots and textiles.
And brushes, and spoons, and some blankets,
but, most importantly, the brand identity.

chetyre pingvina

A penguin family walks
to the doors of the Chetyre Pingvina store.
They will buy junk there,
daddy, mommy, even the little sister and me.

chetyre pingvina 01

And the Chetyre Pingvina storefront
beckons with its simple logo:
four items, so necessary in a home,
with beaks attached to them!

chetyre pingvina 02
chetyre pingvina 03
chetyre pingvina 04
chetyre pingvina 05

art director and copywriter

project manager

Made in 19 days
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