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Citymobil advertising campaign

• Overview
Task: to develop a fresh advertising campaign for a taxi company.

Release date: January 12 2016

Citymobil offers passengers comfortable, safe and affordable rides across Moscow and Moscow suburbs. A slogan and an advertising campaign informing clients about Citymobil advantages and fares were created at the studio.

At the core of the concept is a taxi zipper opening up the city

The primary slogan “The city is open” is supplemented by additional mottoes that develop the main idea and highlight the informative nature of riding with Citymobil. Information about rates, payment methods and discounts on taxicabs and in advertising materials is complemented by announcements of newly opened places and facts about famous city landmarks.

Fun facts

Advertising materials

Roof light

Left passenger window

Right passenger window

Rear window

All together

A brief guide was created for passengers that includes information on upcoming concerts and theatrical plays, popular clubs, restaurants and important city events.

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