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Citymobil logo and corporate identity

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Task: to create a corporate identity for a taxi service.

Founded in 2008, Citymobil is a round-the-clock taxi service that carries passengers and their luggage across Moscow and Moscow suburbs. A logo and a corporate identity for the company emphasizing the role of taxis in the city infrastructure were created at the studio.

citymobil logo ru
citymobil logo en
Russian and English versions

The logo combines traditional taxi checkers with an urban landscape. Elements in the shape of houses were used to create a bright pattern and icons for passenger and driver mobile apps. The logo can be easily used to create promotional merchandise. Recommendations on using elements of the corporate style in business documentation and taxicab appearance are given in a brand book.

Release date: March 24 2015


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chief typesetter
designer and typesetter
type designer
project managers
city mobil logo bb pattern
Brand book’s endpaper is decorated by a dynamic pattern

city mobil logo bb logo
Opening on versions of the logo

city mobil logo bb icons
Opening about app icons

city mobil logo docs
Business documents

city mobil logo keychain

city mobil logo car
Let’s go!

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