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to create mock-ups for the fastest taxi app.
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Citymobil taxi service operates in Moscow and adjacent cities taking people to and from airports, transporting them around the city even with their pets and delivering important documents. The company’s mobile application remembers parameters of the services most often used by the customer and avoids asking the same questions over again when booking the next trip.

Booking and changing preferences

The most important stage when booking taxi is choosing options. Citymobil remembers passenger’s preferences which means most bookings can be made with a single tap. If the customer needs to set additional options, changing most of the parameters does not require going to other screens as all options are available on an overlay window.



Approximate price and cab wait time are calculated in real time and are shown on the Make a Booking button. If the To field was not set, the button displays the current fare. If the destination was chosen, the button shows approximate price of the trip.



Each trip stage from locating a driver to arrival to the destination is coded with its own color. Colored blocks contain brief and clear comments for each stage.



To help customers recognize their cabs, cars on the map and in the driver’s profile are colored in their real color. For those not familiar with modern brands, a brand logo is shown next to car description. Reviews and ratings can also be seen in the driver’s profile along with statistics and history of the client’s trips with that driver.


Predictable pricing

The final trip price will never come as unexpected to the passenger. The price is calculated in real time and is shown on the screen throughout the journey. Expanding the bar reveals the components that make up the price.


Choose later

The application does not require the customer to set all options prior to making a booking as some of the parameters can be changed later. For example, customers can choose a different destination while waiting for the driver and select a payment method at any time during the trip.


Following trips

After the trip is finished, passengers can rate the service and share any comments they might have. In return, they get bonus points and information on how to make following trips cheaper.


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