Civimart app


We developed a convenient and practical app for the Civimart marketplace where users can evaluate, buy and sell used smartphones.


The app is supported by the client


Users can quickly and conveniently search for gadgets in the detailed catalog with tons of different offers. All the important parameters are always in view.


The superfeed adjusts to the user and shows only those smartphones that are of interest to them.

civimart app phones

Product card

The product card contains all the necessary information, including a detailed analysis of specifications and additional details that will help make a purchase.


An order can be placed in just a couple of clicks.

The selling process is simple: the user conducts an evaluation of the smartphone in the app and then a courier comes to pick up the device. Money arrives into a personal account where it can be spent on other gadgets from Civimart or withdrawn to a bank card.


The user answers several questions and the system generates a preliminary valuation.

Functional diagnostics

The algorithm determines technical condition of the device using simple tests, asking the user to press buttons, connect and disconnect the charger, etc.

Visual diagnostics

Users only need to upload a photo of the device to evaluate its appearance.


The system summarizes the data and offers a price. The user agrees and waits for the courier.

Made in 163 days
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