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Civimart website


A bright website was developed in the studio for Civimart, a marketplace for used gadgets. The website continues the identity of the company and develops the idea of civilized exchange of used devices.

assembled and populated by the client

The catalog allows to assess the condition of smartphones using their rating, study photos in a carousel, filter products by a variety of parameters—all of it happens immediately.

Civimart Rating is a diagnostic standard and a new industry benchmark that summarizes all data on functional and visual condition of a smartphone.

The search menu offers major categories: brand color, size and so on, saving the users time.

The quick view mode allows to browse through search results in clip format.

The product page contains all the necessary information about the item’s history, condition and characteristics.

The shopping cart and order form are simple and intuitive. Carefully placed accents make the purchase process a real pleasure.

The smartphone sale form helps get a quick estimate of how much the partners of the marketplace are willing to pay for a device.

After detailed diagnostics, a report is generated that is then used to make an informed decision.

Bottom line: thanks to the clever website and Civimart’s high-tech business model, people can get rid of old gadgets and buy new ones in just a few clicks.

Made in 163 days
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