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    The making of coffee blend #302

    Overview   Process  

    The idea to make our own espresso blend was born from the cravings for a real good coffee.

    We’d started by inviting foreign coffee experts who were doing their magic mixology for a year, blending different Arabica beans in search for the perfect proportions to match our taste profile.

    After the recipe was established, we turned our quest to find Russian roasters, capable of achieving the necessary results with our beans. So, we purchase green Arabica and transport it to the roasting facility where each sort is processed separately (dark roast) and then mixed.

    coffee 302 1kg process 03
    coffee 302 1kg process 04

    The ready-to-use blend is packed in foil pouches with degassing valve to let out carbon dioxide, emitted by the beans after roasting. Thanks to carbon dioxide going out while no oxygen is allowed in, the coffee is at its best for about a year. But we roast ours twice a month anyway to always have a supply of the freshest coffee.

    Designing the label.

    coffee 302 1kg process 01
    coffee 302 1kg process 02

    Downsizing the label for existing one-kilogram bag tenfold.

    Option one.

    coffee 302 1kg process 05

    Option two.

    coffee 302 1kg process 06

    Option three.

    coffee 302 1kg process 07

    Option four.

    coffee 302 1kg process 08

    Now blending the first two together.

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