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Nespresso coffee capsules 4.0

Task: to redesign coffee capsules.


A moderately bitter drink with slight acidity and notes of raisins, blueberries and chocolate.


A concentrated drink with a bright aroma and chocolate and bourbon notes.


Beans with notes of pomegranate, grapefruit an dark chocolate specially roasted darker than what is usual for regular brewing methods.


Almonds, honey and dark chocolate pair well with a pronounced bitterness.


Mild coffee with notes of caramel, honey and apple.

The fourth version of the best capsules for Nespresso machines contain our consistently delicious and full-bodied coffee. The new amazing packaging is inspired by the national designs of the countries of origin: delicate patterns and juicy colors look great the shelf and add pleasure to your coffee drinking ritual.

capsules 3

Different coloring of the capsules allows to quickly identify them in one pile.

capsules 4

art director

packaging designer

production managers

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