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Nespresso coffee capsules

Task: to re-release coffee capsules.

We produce wonderful capsules for Nespresso coffee machines. Inside is stunningly delicious coffee that we roast and grind ourselves. Outside are capsules that carefully preserve the flavor and fully decompose within just three months of being used.

We created new packaging for our capsules, the most spectacular packaging for coffee capsules ever.

Just by looking at it you can immediately see which of the three wonderful flavors hides inside as well as its intensity (and also that our coffee is the best in the world).


Invigorating and bold-flavored arabica from Mexico. The richness is backed by notes of walnut and cinnamon.

capsules3 red


Coffee from Vietnam with a wonderfully sweet aroma. Hints of caramel and toffee add to the magic.

capsules3 white


Mild coffee from Vietnam with rich vanilla aroma. Pleasant sweetness is complemented by light orchid notes.

capsules3 blue

The biodegradable capsules are colorless: no paint is used to ensure the polymer is 100% decomposable. To allow you to tell apart capsules of different flavors, we seal them with foil of various colors, convenient for when you want to fill every jar, box and bowl with capsules full of delicious coffee and pick something from this delightful variety to match your mood.

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Made in 81 days
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