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Biodegradable Nespresso coffee capsules

Task: to create biodegradable Nespresso coffee capsules.

Caféterius produces amazing Nespresso coffee capsules with incredibly great-tasting coffee inside. They’re so good you may think that there is no way to make them any better. But Caféterius was able to improve them further!

Now we offer brand new biodegradable capsules. The coffee inside is just as good as before, but the capsule itself completely disintegrates within 90 days of brewing.

The existing range of flavors (Something Smoother, Something Stronger and Something Caramel) was expanded by the new one, Something Vanilla.

Something Stronger

An especially strong arabica from Mexico. The taste has notes of walnut and cinnamon. The flavor is dense and thick. Incredibly invigorating and well-suited for the beginning of a work day.

Something Smoother

Gentle coffee from Honduras with an elegant soft taste. Medium density with hints of cocoa and hazelnuts.

Something Vanilla

Smooth coffee from Vietnam with a pronounced vanilla flavor. The taste is sweet and has subtle notes of orchid.

Something Caramel

Coffee from Vietnam with a sweet taste and flavor. Bright caramel and toffee notes and something incomprehensibly sweet and wonderful.

Adding a little steamed milk or cream to espresso made from the capsules will turn it into a veritable cup of Raf.

coffee capsules2 pack
The updated packaging became easier to use

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Revolution in coffee and environment protection

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Made in 12 days
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