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Critical Ops game website

Task: to create a website for a mobile game.

Critical Ops is an addictive realistic online shooter for phones and tablets. In addition to having cool graphics and gameplay, the game is free: only weapon skins can be purchased. A website for the game that urges visitors to download the app and immediately start playing was created at the studio.

The second screens shows the gameplay

Critical Ops levels the field for all players by giving them the same weapons: the traditional Kalashnikov, P-90 submachine gun, MP-96 revolver and many more. If you want to add character to your gun, you can buy a crate with a random skin.

AK-47 P-90 AUG Remix MR-96
and 20 more skins
and 16 more skins
and 13 more skins
and 15 more knives
and 17 more skins
Steyr AUG rifle with a frivolous design

Information important for gamers such as the leaderboard or details of the recent updates was beautifully typeset.

What’s new and who’s at the top

Players can set up meets, discuss their experiences and simply talk about random stuff on the forum which in contrast to the main website has a white background.

Characters from the game move, use tablets and otherwise feel at home on the website.

Nothing makes guns better than patterns created at the studio. For example, the very “Russian” pattern Babushka nicely suits the very “Russian” machine gun.

designer and technologist

technical designer



content managers

beta tester

project managers

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Made in 65 days
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