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Critical Force website

Task: to create a website for a mobile games developer.

Finnish company Critical Force specializes in games for mobile platforms. A dynamic outline website presenting the company was created at the studio. The website recreates the real interior of the company’s headquarters down to the smallest details such as an office plant, a gamer’s mug or a small flag on the monitor that shows whether an employee is busy or is willing to chat. Linear graphics brings to mind the artistic beginnings of games.

Visitors can see the company on all levels, from workplaces to the headquarters building in Finland

The most important part of the company is its people. Key specialists are presented on a bright orange background and in a couple of clicks visitors can send a letter to any one of them.

Who is behind all this

An employee with the most points in Critical Ops gets the Golden Calf, a coveted perpetual trophy that everyone wants to put on their desk.

technical designer



beta tester

project manager

  • The website is managed using Imprimatur I (Parser) proprietary technology
Made in 65 days
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