Doroga 2018 exhibition logo

Task: to create a core graphic element to base an identity on.

When this project began, the international exhibition center Kazan Expo hadn’t hosted any events. Doroga 2018 was the first expo to bring together companies which have something to do with Russian roads, including manufacturers of paving equipment, laboratories working on surface quality, and transportation experts. An event as important as this needed a solid logo.

After looking at some designs provided by the client (created by the client and other designers), we decided it would be best to start from scratch and get it right. After the organizers explained what they liked and didn’t like about the previous designs, the studio’s designers got down to business and came up with some concepts.

So, six cracking designs, but there could be only one.

We know which one that was, but why not test your design intuition and pick the version that the client deemed worthy for this important exhibition.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Concept 4

Concept 5

Concept 6

art director

type designer

project manager

Made in 20 days
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