Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection identity

Task: to come up with a friendly identity for a department that takes care of Moscow residents.

The Department of Labor and Social Protection comprises a range of organizations that deal with a variety of useful things: help low-income families, take care of seniors and veterans, raise orphans, offer vacancies, provide lonely people with opportunities for socialization. All of this needs to be explained to the residents of the city in a way that would make them feel supported and encourage them to ask for help.

The logo of the department is recognizable and understandable by everyone. The symbol includes positive images of a flower, sun, a lighthouse: it is friendly and open. The shape of the logo resembles a map of Moscow with its administrative districts.

dept image 02++
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The department’s areas of work are grouped into seven projects. The logo can be easily adapted for each of them: although colors change, the symbol remains recognizable.


Simple shapes, friendly colors and clear names bring state institutions closer to the locals.

The logo is used in the corporate pattern which looks great in interiors, on uniforms and souvenirs.

14 pattern

One of the department’s major projects are the My Career centers. Here people of various categories such as students, mothers with little children and seniors can get help in finding a job and gain new knowledge and experience.

Each category has its own colors that match the corporate color scheme. They are used in cute illustrations, informative charts and in all other cases where it is necessary to indicate the target audience of the material.

To make communication with the locals more pleasant and informative, we developed recommendations for the design of mailing lists and social network pages, working with photographs and writing texts.

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Universal templates allow to quickly create beautiful posters, playbills and announcements.

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