My Career center

Task: to design an employment center.

My Career is a multi-disciplinary employment center of a new format. The center helps find a job, offers career counseling and training sessions and provides psychological help.

Interiors of the center encourage to change your life for the better.

mycareer interiors

The space is open and cozy at the same time. The design makes use of pleasant to the touch materials and cheerful colors.

mycareer interiors tables
Meeting tables are separated by small fabric-covered screens. The ceiling is adorned with unusual round acoustic panels that eliminate noise and bring the ceiling lower, adding a little more privacy

Areas for talking to the specialists are semi-enclosed allowing to have a calm and comfortable conversation.

mycareer interiors numbers

Behind the curved partitions are comfortable chairs for visitors and desks for employees with good lighting.

mycareer interiors tables 02

Specially equipped workspaces are used to take tests and work on resumes.

mycareer interiors workplace

Sofas and tables are available in the waiting area.

mycareer interiors sofas
Couches in the computer-based test zone

The zones flow into each other, forming a single space. This layout creates an informal atmosphere for visitors to communicate with employees and each other.

mycareer interiors zones

The interiors have lots of plants that help define zones and create comfort.

mycareer interiors plants

Intelligently designed ramps, wide aisles and spacious elevators provide an accessible environment. Parents with strollers and people with disabilities can freely move around the floors.

mycareer interiors ramp

There is a spacious multifunctional hall for public lectures and official events.

mycareer interiors auditorium
Floating light fixtures and exposed ceiling communications give the hall expressiveness and volume

Small lecture rooms are well suited for training sessions and seminars.

mycareer interiors lecture hall
The corporate blue color scheme is brightened by green chairs and pattern elements on walls

The office area is markedly open and transparent.

mycareer interiors office

Bright offices are located behind glass panels decorated with the corporate pattern.

mycareer interiors pattern

Employees can rest on soft couches and in bean bag chairs.

mycareer interiors relaxation

Finishing makes active use of wood which creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

mycareer interiors wood

The space is organized around a triangle atrium with a skylight that fills it with daylight. White surfaces create a beautiful contrast with wooden slatted ceiling that surrounds the glazing on every floor.

mycareer interiors light

A user-friendly wayfinding system helps find your way around the center. Bright blue signs are located near elevator exits and at other important points.

mycareer interiors navigation

The signs slightly wrap around corners and columns remaining visible from various angles.

mycareer interiors navigation corners

Wayfinding lettering is done with individual letters cut out of colored acrylic glass.

mycareer interiors navigation glass

Accent walls colored in corporate colors have prominent inspiring phrases on them.

mycareer interiors inspiration

Visitors are greeted by the large 3D name of the center which makes a great photo spot.

mycareer interiors final
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