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Task: to demonstrate the scale of business.

ELT Technologies transitions companies to a new standard. Say, some LLC works in the old-fashioned way: they write reports, waste time on writing instructions or even create software without having a clue about what a sprint is. That’s when experts from ELT Technologies come in and introduce services based on trendy Agile, Scrums and virtual reality. All processes immediately become a hundred times faster.

A website for these modern guys was created at the studio despite the fact that they don’t like to talk much about themselves. They believe implemented projects can tell a better story. We agree and decided to supplement their speed of work with ours.

Main page with a hint

The key image of the website is an iceberg. What better way to show that only a small and very pleasant part—the result of work—can be seen? The total mass is much larger but cannot be seen by anyone except for programmers.

The internal pages of the website support the idea of the main page by showing a close-up of a beautiful ice texture. Geometric crystals accompany stories about the company’s activity, implemented solutions and strategic partnerships. As a result, a complex website turned out to be simple, transparent and well-knit.

Developer's underwater boulders

art director


technical designer


beta tester

copywriter and editor

project managers

Made in 8 days
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