Portal of the Moscow City Services Complex

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The Moscow City Services Complex comprises numerous organizations that make the city comfortable, beautiful, clean, safe and cozy. The website assists all these services in informing people about their major projects and everyday tasks, publishing interesting facts and sharing expert opinions.

The Special Projects page features stories about the most significant and interesting events in various areas of the City Services Complex’s activities.

A unique graphic design is chosen for each area of work. Together, they form a bright and friendly visual language for the website and help users navigate through the vast array of complex tasks.

To describe the most important aspects of City Services, the website offers several formats with varying levels of depth: an overview of the complex and its work as a whole, answers to residents’ pressing questions, as well as articles by experts.

Detailed long reads about the most significant projects are accompanied by colorful photos and videos. Those who prefer to read less, can visit the media library and immediately see the changes visually.

Another way to demonstrate the daily care of the City Services Complex for the city and its residents is through large animated story cards with interesting facts.

Visitors receive the latest information in a news feed that they can access directly from the main page after viewing elegant widgets with infographics.

For a more visual representation, the website offers an improvements map. The map includes administrative district boundaries, making navigation even more convenient.

Each dot is colored according to the type of work being carried out. The status of landmark or special projects is emphasized using special design elements and icons.

Project descriptions are accompanied by pleasant animations to aid comprehension.

An elegant frame is formed from the characteristic silhouette of the city’s coat of arms, within which the capital is depicted before and after improvements.

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