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Task: to create an accessible website.

Academia informational and educational platform was created for people with visual and hearing impairments, for specialists working with such people and for everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of the deaf-blind. Visitors can use the website to find relevant information and communicate with each other.

Materials on the pages are gathered into feeds with a minimalist design. This format takes into account the needs of various users and can be customized to their requirements. Article titles convey the essence of the messages.

To make search easier, each article has a tag. Search results are divided into three sections by theme.

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The pages contain event announcements, collections of links, a constantly growing knowledge library and a collection of educational audio books. All of the content is presented in a universal form with a unified structure.

The website offers many additional options: requesting individual consultations, signing up for special courses, as well as a personal page that can be used to collect interesting materials, notifications about important important events and store personal information. If necessary, specialists can use the personal data of users to contact them.

Ordinary visitors can use the website to see the problems of special people, principles of communication with them and ways to help. The website gives an excellent idea of what the deaf-blind people need the most, since the foundation’s members were involved in its development.

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  • Vadim Makeev
  • Artem Plaksin
Made in 62 days
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