Year of Science and Technology landing page

Task: to announce scientific and technological innovations in a beautiful way.

By presidential decree, 2021 was declared the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. This means that during this year there will be exhibitions, expositions, workshops, competitions and other interesting science-related events all over the country. The bright and informative main page of the themed website designed in the studio tells about the planned events, announces online projects and promptly informs about changes in the calendar.

The style of the landing page is based on the project’s existing identity. Memorable images were brought to life to better attract attention.

The page provides basic information about each event: what it’s called and what it’s about, where and when it’s going to be held. Visitors can also buy tickets and book the best seats.

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The accents are set using the branded elements. The ellipses put an emphasis on key information while always maintaining their shape.

The landing page is designed to be constantly updated with the rapidly growing volume of information. Events are becoming more frequent, information more detailed and announcements more extensive. The created design wonderfully copes with all these challenges. The created page will definitely be enough for a whole year of important news and detailed stories.


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The studio wishes to thank the National Priorities team, especially Mikhail Shumakov, Anna Dobryanskaya and Evgeny Shakh for their help with the project

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