Funpay universe website

Task: to create a universe for players and merchants of video game items.
assembled and populated by the client

Funpay is a major marketplace for gamers where they can buy and sell various virtual items: weapons, gold, game currency, skins and much more. The Funpay website looks a lot like a entire universe with planets and typography.

The main page contains a lot of information including a full list of games and links to available products and services. In order not to overload the website further, neutral white color is used in the design. Planets created for each game add beauty and diversity.

Opening a page for Dota or World of Tanks, visitors see a planet with a recognizable screenshot from the game. Large categories on game pages (accounts, items, services) are represented by satellites. The larger the satellite, the more offers are available!

On narrow screen planets squeeze to save space.

Many of the planets are animated. Unbelievably beautiful!

The service supports many games and new ones are added all the time. It would be impossible to illustrate each of them with an individual picture.

We came up with a graceful solution: we applied an effect that turns any screenshot into a picture that look like a planet.

funpay image 02
—Beautiful, right? It’s twenty werewolves devouring an elf

project manager

Made in 92 days
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