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StroimProsto website

StroimProsto tells about trends in the digitalization of the construction industry, covers construction news and changes in the relevant legislation, as well as provides professionals with analytical data and useful tools. A redesign of the platform was conducted in the studio.

Main screen

The magazine, events and videos—everything that is frequently updated—is now on the main screen, making the website literally come to life.
sp services cards

Also on the main page are cards of services. This way, users can immediately see the benefits of the platform.

Article page

Most of the visitors come to the website to read industry materials. The updated typeface solution, inserts and the system of suggestions within the text keep users immersed in reading.
  • The studio wishes to thank the team of Mosstroyinform, namely Yulia Kulikova, Marina Antosenko, Anna Degtereva, Nadezhda Stolnikova, Maria Grebennikova, Anastasia Kazakova, Natalia Orekhova and Marina Bazyleva, for their help with the project
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