Reports and screen forms concept for S+Consulting

The systematization of data, selection of reporting standards and determination of priorities are carried out by the client.

At the request of S+Consulting, a concept of reports and screen forms for shift supervisors, leading production engineers and technologists was developed in the studio.

Focus on deviations

In physical and electronic documents, only values that deviate from the norm are highlighted. This minimizes visual noise, allowing engineers to immediately see what needs attention and take prompt action.

Clickable data

Clear and convenient report layouts accommodate vast amounts of data coming from instruments and equipment operating in various locations. By clicking on a value highlighted in blue, the user can delve into details or switch to another tab.

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The design of the reporting is based on universal elements and the principle of subordination: the width of each column and the length of rows directly depend on each other.

Data visualization

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Visual representation of differences between values
s_plus 5.2
Change over the selected period
s_plus 5.3
Indication of balances
s_plus 5.4
Visualization of deviations from the norm
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Display of threshold values
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Numerical difference between indicators

Screen form

Specialists use regular-sized monitors, which display all relevant statistics. The set of screen form widgets is designed for a quick assessment of the area’s condition and performing various tasks according to the user’s role. The form also highlights all abnormal changes, while the four-column grid allows arranging blocks in the most convenient order.

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Dynamics of change of indicators is displayed on a graph

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Threshold and out-of-bounds values are marked on sliders scales

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All deviations from the plan are marked with red shading

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Columns of different widths display the level of tank filling

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Bar charts help track changes in indicators over time

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Changes in temperature at plants are tracked on a special vertical widget

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