Scantronic Systems website


Russian company Scantronic Systems develops inspection and screening equipment that helps government agencies fight illegal imports and exports and ensure the safety of people, transport and infrastructure.

We designed an excellent selling website that presents the company’s solutions in a favorable light and facilitates interaction with partners.

The style is based on the logo: clear square shapes, predominance of strict gray color and catchy red accents. This simple minimalist geometry creates an image of a reliable company where everything works like clockwork.

scantronic intro

Inspection and screening systems are presented with simplified, easy-to-understand diagrams helping visitors quickly grasp the principle of their operation.

For the company’s in-house scientific designs, we created a series of sleek and clear icons in the style of x-ray images.

scantronic icons

By interacting with the interface, website visitors can learn about x-ray scanning technology and gain an understanding of its basic principles of operation without going into complex details.

Made in 159 days
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