Gazprom eye microsurgery clinic website

Task: to design a website for an eye microsurgery clinic.
assembled and populated by the client

Gazprom has its own eye microsurgery clinic that for over 22 years has been taking care of the company’s employees as well as regular people. A beautiful website provides all the details about the clinic’s services.

gazprom clinic voice

The website contains a variety of information.

Rational: prices, technologies, organizational issues.

And emotional: does it hurt? does it take long? does it help?

The rational information is presented in a plain and strict fashion with no unnecessary decorations. This is a serious medical facility after all.

The emotional information, quite the opposite! Messenger dialogs explain that the procedures are easily tolerable and convince not to worry.

gazprom clinic tone desktop
gazprom clinic tone mobile

Illustrations and texts are also aimed at reducing the anxiety of the visitors. Schematic drawings are used in place of frightening photos from the operating room while laser vision correction is referred to as a procedure, not surgery.

gazprom clinic illustrations desktop
gazprom clinic illustrations mobile

The website looks equally great on a desktop and mobile screen.

Made in 26 days
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