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Task: to create a website for applicants and students who don't speak Russian.

The future stars of Russian theater and cinema are all striving to get accepted into GITIS. But what about international applicants? Many of them want to study there too. And they can! Few people know that Kristofer Hivju, Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones, is a GITIS graduate. The website created at the studio explains how international applicants can enroll in Russia’s leading performing arts institute.

Right from the start, the main page declares the status of GITIS, recounts its history and introduces interesting facts about Moscow since that’s where the institute’s main building is located. In addition to that, the first screen contains a list of available courses from where users can go to a specific educational program.

The About section has a list of creative people who teach at the institute. Using this page, international applicants who are not necessarily familiar with Russian celebrities can learn who they will study under in the next four-five years.

Keeping in mind that the majority of foreigners are guided by the names of the courses, we created the most simple and easy to use list that’s broken down by departments. The name of each department is not just a link that expands its card with a list of courses and study timeline. Already when you hover the cursor over the name, you can see photos of the teaching process so you can better understand how the lessons are conducted.

For those not familiar with the Stanislavsky system (as if there are any such people among acting students), an interactive presentation was created. In addition to familiarizing viewers with the system, it talks about the milestones in the history of the institute and its place in the theater world.

We created the international website completely in English in hope that it is the language everyone knows. After going through all this effort, we simply couldn’t help but localize the institute’s logo as well.

We also needed to explain, or better yet show, the visitors how to get to all the institute buildings in Moscow. To make navigation easier we decided to show important landmarks located next to the institute’s buildings.


Everything important for the future artist (director, choreographer or costume designer) is collected in the personal section. After you apply to the institute, the status of your application is also going to be available here. And as soon as you are accepted, it will be replaced by class schedule.

The website for international applicants and students fits perfectly with the Auditions section of the GITIS primary website and the GITIS Development Fund website both of which were also created at the studio.

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  • The studio wishes to thank Grigory Zaslavsky, Irina Zhukova and Alla Sheveleva for their help with the project
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