Globus Stal web catalog

Task: to develop a catalog for the website of a steel manufacturer.

assembled and populated by the client

Globus Stal is the largest supplier of stainless steel. In 2018, the company started to gradually update its website. Main changes were made to the company’s web catalog, although some of our ideas and solutions also appeared on other pages.

Catalog main pages

The entire product range of the company can be seen right at the top of the main screen. The illustration is interactive: if you move the mouse around, you can see rolls of steel unroll and roll back up. Such a minor thing, but it looks nice and adds life to the website.

Outline illustrations explain the conveyor process of making steel sheets, rolls and pipe.

Guillotine shearing machine! Inspection unit! High precision plasma arc cutter! The poetry of the workshop world!

Cross cutting

Pipe production

Plasma cutting

Some of the machines in the diagrams are marked with a flashing gray circle. Clicking on it will bring up information about what they are needed for and how they are used.

Product page

The product page has all the necessary information: a brief description of the manufacturing process, a list of steels that the product can be made of and answers to the most important questions.

Icons represent various production stages. Steel is shown in orange.

Standards and grades

All standards and grades are gathered on one page. The page has detailed information about where and how steel of different grades is used, its weldability and corrosion resistance.

Order calculator

The calculator takes into account all aspects of the manufacturing process so a situation where a user orders steel sheets that are too wide, too short or otherwise inappropriate is simply not possible: the calculator will instantly tell them that such product is impossible to produce.

But the best part is that the calculator is interactive. Each product has a realistic visualization which changes along with the order parameters.

Length, width, number of sheets or pipes—it all changes and moves reflecting the information entered.

Made in 298 days
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