Granola.Lab breakfasts packaging

Task: to design granola packaging.

Granola.Lab makes healthy and tasty breakfast mixes with toasted oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit. The Lab part in the name alludes to serious research involved in preparing the granola. Beautiful packaging that demonstrates a scientific approach to morning food and makes sure the craft bags pleasantly stand out on the shelves was created at the studio.

granolalab table

Assembled packs are easy to transport and put on store shelves. Recipes and other information printed inside the box make for a fun breakfast read

The granola comes in big and small boxes packaged in individual transparent bags: simply open one of them, put the mix in a bowl and add milk, kefir or yogurt. Small pack contains one portion while the big one contains six.

granolalab bb
Opening of the guide on the style of illustrations

Mock-ups designed at the studio can be used to create new packaging. Formula of each mix is written in large type at the top of each box.

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Made in 39 days
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