Guidezilla logo

Task: to design a logo for an instant guide choosing service.

Tourists came from China and are photographing beautiful Moscow: there’s the Mausoleum and here is a church, and there are hedgehogs in Zaryadye park on the grass. There’s a Lenin walking near the Kremlin, a hyppodrome and a vodka plant. But there’s one sad problem: the tourists can’t understand anything.

Oh, Russian language! they exclaim again. Mighty as a lion! Beautiful as a lake! But why can’t we understand a single word of you?

The desperation planted a seed in their souls and almost won. But then the tourist downloaded Guidezilla and instantly, a guide came.

The company’s founders swear: the idea of the app is simple, instant calling of a guide for tours of various tourist places. In a couple of minutes a guide (well-read and well-spoken) will come to any street. And the expressive logo will reflect this speed.

The colors are bold and beautiful. But what’s really striking is the combination of a horn and Godzilla! Godzillahorn! Hornzilla! A new and loud element! It shows the power of impressions, of life-changing moments! Arbat at night, the Bolshoi Theatre, bums in the Metro and art in Garage.

And even something about hospitality and obscure Russian soul.

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Made in 28 days
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