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    Mandership by Artemy Lebedev, Second Edition

    Problem: Publish a more compact version of “Mandership”.

    The second edition includes all the new sections, as well as some of the old ones that weren’t featured in the previous paper version of the book.

    Brand new dust jacket


    “Mandership” does not offer ready-to-use how-tos of design success. Instead it provides food for thought. How to use it—at a fine set table with good wine, or gulping up from a paper plate—is up to the reader.»

    From Foreword

    Release date: September 17 2008


    art director & author
    Artemy Lebedev
    Sergey Fedorov
    Iskander Mukhamadeev
    Mark Kozhura
    Anna Ponomareva
    Katerina Andreeva
    Maria Rogova
    Gayana Aslanyants
    Ignat Shametko
    production manager
    Alisa Kupchenko


    Artemy Lebedev works as a designer and occasionally writes about things that concern him.

    508 pages
    Number of copies: 5000
    Format: 145×217 mm (6.1"×8.7")
    Hard cover
    ISBN 978-5-98062-016-5

    Pages 366–367

    Pages 374–375

    Pages 484–485

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