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Mandership by Artemy Lebedev, Sixth Edition

Task: to republish paper version of Mandership.

As is tradition, the long-awaited new edition of Mandership has new paragraphs and a new dust jacket.

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Mandership gives no recipes on how to create a successful design. It merely provides food for thought. And how to consume it—at a table with fine wine or gorging pieces off a paper plate—is solely up to the reader.


From the foreword

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Artemy Lebedev works as a designer and occasionally writes about things he finds interesting.

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art director and author

  • Artemy Lebedev

chief typesetter

  • Iskander Mukhamadeev


  • Filipp Luschevsky
  • Anna Golovina

technical designer

  • Nikita Kanarev

dust jacket designers

  • Tatyana Devaeva
  • Andrey Ushnurtsev

dust jacket photographer

  • Ekaterina Gerbey


  • Katerina Andreeva


  • Anna Potapkina

production manager

  • Svetlana Kalinnikova
  • Hardcover
  • 560 pages
  • Dimensions: 144×216 mm (5,7″×8,5″)
  • Press run: 3000
  • ISBN 978-5-98062-125-4
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