Izzi auto service ecosystem logo

Task: to design a logo for a system of services for car enthusiasts.

Izzi is a set of resources and applications that make life easier for car enthusiasts and companies that help them: Izzi Drive is an aggregator of auto repair stations, tire repair shops and roadside assistance services; Izzi Market is an online store offering professional automotive supplies; Izzi Pro and Izzi Business are tools for repair shop employees. A bright and airy logo for the system was designed in the studio.

The letters in the logo are mirrored and form arrows, a symbol of the swift and continuous service process. The clear and distinct metaphor in the logo speaks to the ease of interaction with members of the ecosystem.

The contrasting logo on a sign lets drivers know from a distance that the store is included in the Izzi ecosystem.

izzi facade
izzi facade mobile

izzi final

Made in 33 days
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