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Mukholov UF

Task: to create an insect light trap.

A fly is rarely your friend. A fly irritates even a hypocrite. It flies disgustingly in a circle making fly sounds. A net doesn’t help, the fly still gets into the house and flies (rather disgustingly) over leftover pie.

muholov 01

Flies fly into peoples’ ears and make cats cry.

We made life difficult for flies and designed Mukholov.

muholov 02

The fly’s leg started twitching, “Oh no!” can be heard in the buzzing. The insecticide lamp brings its alluring light to the fly. It brings it with indifference and haste, with the cruelty of ancient gods. The lamp is covered by an exquisite case of a calm and strict color.

muholov 03

art director


project manager

Made in 63 days
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